Shaping The Future Junior Technoleader

Robotics & Innovations Education is an unique educational system that able to developed curiosity as well as 'problem-solving skills' and 'creativity'  in children as young as 4 years old

-Amy Eguchi-

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Do you know?!

Technology field is proven to be a sector that can providing fortune as most of the world billionaire are Technoleader that founded and operating company in Technology industries such as Elon Musk (Tesla & Space X), Bill Gates (Microsoft Corporation) and Steve Jobs (Apple Inc.).

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Mission & Vision

It is our Vision and Mission to nurture the mindset with 21st Technological skills as an Innovator to our young generations. 

Don't worry parents; we have everything covered!

Technology Class

Technological Skills they need to have

Robotics Learning

Innovator Mindset


Robotics Learning is a 21st century STEAM learning environment based on the use of Robots that will help children to developed problem solving skills in a creative way.


Children will be formed with 6 core Wonderspire Technoleader skills models so that they are better prepared to face the new world era and become one of the Junior Technoleader in the future and make a big impact to the world.

STEAM Learning

3D Modelling

STEAM education is a learning method that combines the essence of knowledge in terms of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics in a project-oriented learning system.

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It is one of the essential skill for the children to developed their ability in order to design and fabricate using 3D Printer machinery so they can turn their imagination into something real


Developing the best of your child

"It's either you become a leader or a follower. Both roles are Important. Yet, the Leader has a higher purpose & most of the time, bigger advantage.

We're developing Leaders here. Aim for the sky first!"

-  Mohammed Shafeeq Zulkifli  -

Chief Executive Officer of Wonderspire Group Berhad

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